Why our customers choose RPI?

Experience. Automation. Integration.

The arrival of online marketplaces  and ecommerce business in the mid 90’s added another complex category within the supply chain that was thirsty for answers. As time went on, we began adding distribution and value added services for retail/B2B, wholesale, ecommerce and dropshipping. Here we are 30+ years later as a true omnichannel fulfillment center and 3PL provider. There’s an intangible value that comes with the years of experience. We have been part of the evolution within our industry and have adapted to the fast pace demand along with providing a high level of client interaction through our technology advancements and good old fashion one on one communication. 

Our History

Let’s give you the cliff notes without ranting.

River Plate, Inc. was founded in July 1992. – We started out as a husband and wife team working out of a small office in Los Angeles coordinating freight logistics – southern California region. An organic, word of mouth approach naturally led into relationships with companies/customers that trusted our service. Freight clients began asking for referrals in warehousing/storage along with distribution services. After enough requests it was time to cease the opportunity, we opened up a warehouse for the customers to store their product, and gave an option to do cross docking.The inception began with having a listening ear to our existing clients and honing in on their pain points within the supply chain. From here, a vision began to formulate on providing professional and specialized logistics and fulfillment services to provide solutions under one roof.

In the company’s genesis stages we established ourselves as a trusted freight carrier in the Southern California region while also offering some unique warehousing, distribution and kitting services. As our client portfolio grew, we evolved and invested into our team and resources to organically grow the repertoire of fulfillment and logistics services with the attitude that our clients success is our success.

With the increasing demand for omni-channel supply chain solutions, and the rapid infusion of technology, we relentlessly continue our journey to improve, evolve and embrace the relationships we build with our clients regardless of the challenges.

Why work with a 3pl provider?

Why Outsource?

Focus on Growth: Partnering with a 3PL provider frees up time for business owners to focus on core growth strategies, leaving fulfillment in expert hands.

Flexible Scalability: Business owners can effortlessly scale their operations without the overhead of hiring and managing additional staff.

Access to Expertise: 3PL providers offer specialized logistics knowledge and technology to optimize supply chains.

Stress Reduction: Outsourcing fulfillment reduces operational stress, allowing owners to prioritize strategic growth.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Efficient order processing enhances customer satisfaction, driving organic growth and brand reputation.

Why work with River Plate Inc?

Integrated Tech Solutions

River Plate Inc leverages cutting-edge technology to offer integrated solutions that streamline your operations. From EDI to AI-driven analytics, our tech solutions are designed to enhance visibility and efficiency across your supply chain.


We are committed to delivering excellence in execution. Our experienced team, state-of- the-art facilities, and robust processes ensure that every aspect of your logistics and fulfillment is handled with precision and reliability.

Dynamic Parcel & Freight Network

With our freight & parcel partners, we tailor a transportation program to give you a competitive edge with customers by saving you, and them, money. Creating unique business rules instead of one-size-fits-all solution.

The River Plate Process

River Plate, Inc. will work closely with your team to learn about your supply chain and who your clients are. We know there is no “one- size-fits-all” approach.

By actively listening and engaging in this dialogue, we aim to align our solutions with your goals, ensuring a seamless and effective collaboration moving forward.

By creating a program that addresses your unique challenges and goals, we aim to maximize the benefits of our partnership and drive your business towards success.

In our initial conversation, our primary focus is on discovery and gaining a deep understanding of your organization, its core activities, and the specific challenges you encounter

Once we’ve gained a thorough understanding of your specific needs and identified areas where we can add value to your business, our next step is to craft a customized program.

We operate as an extension of your organization, serving as your extra set of hands, eyes, and ears within the realm of logistics and fulfillment.

Tech Stack

With a commitment to cutting-edge technology, we harness the power of state-of-the-art systems:

  • Robust Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Versatile Integration Managemt System
  • Experiened EDI Network
  • Top Tier Transportation Management System (TMS)

Expert strategy for 3pl and fulfillment excellence

  • Cost-Saving Strategies for Lean Operations:
  • We conduct comprehensive cost assessments across your 3PL and fulfillment processes. Customized cost-saving strategies enhance efficiency while reducing expenses.
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustments ensure sustainable cost reductions.
  • Customized Shipping and Delivery Solutions.
  • We offer a range of shipping options to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • We build business rules within our TMS to provide a dynamic shipping portfolio of services. The result is a competitive edge in the crowded eCommerce landscape.
  • Order Accuracy and Speed.
  • Automation elements for precise order processing and packaging.
  • Our streamlined processes and use of technology guarantee swift order turnaround.
  • The outcome is increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Many of our clients once had:

By working with River Plate they are: